Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Talent

Since I'm going to be leaving for Aspen (yay! cooler weather!) tomorrow, I thought I'd leave my loyal readers (Kate/Mary) with a thought. This morning in the shower I started thinking about the time Bravo's Top Design came to Atlanta for a casting call. My boss asked me if I knew any "young designers" who could try out. I didn't know any my age (23). How can I become the next KatieDid or Style Court when I don't know any YOUNG (talented) designers.

I'm hoping they are all interning or assistants for Katie Stassi, Anne Coyle, Mary McDonald, Jan Showers (above) and the like, and they will all come out of the wood works in a few years for me to blog about.

I know Design*Sponge sponsored a contest to find young designers, and one good option, Paige Smith, seems to have made the finals (also a SCAD student, like I am!). Although she is a pattern designer, she clearly knows interiors (her drawing is the picture above).

The best I can find for now is from Domino's 2008 list of designer's "on the verge." But only two are under 30. We all love Daniel Pafford who is only 27, love his work (above). Mallory Mathison is 29, so cute and from Atlanta (below). She is doing a lot of design work for young Atlantans.

So I've decided to research this over my holiday. New, young, up-and-coming designers. I mean practically still students, probably just interns, possibly assistants. Most likely only with a blog (not that anything is wrong with that!) Young people just waiting to start their own business. Young people who GET IT. Any ideas anyone (Kate)? Have a great 4th!

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