Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hot or Not?

I know antlers are "over," but I still like the small antlers on plaques. Especially in Aspen, where everyone had them and it's not a trend because it's Aspen and antlers are "indigenous" (to the area of course, not to the million dollar homes, but whatever). I like the mini antlers, somehow they tone down a really streamline, monochrom room but also can add just the right touch to a rustic look. Not too many items can work both rustic and contemporary so well. But yes, the huge white plaster antlers (although I do LOVE Erich Ginder!) or the kitschy type antlers are way overdone.

The best I have seen for sale in person are the antique deer antlers at B.D. Jeffries in Atlanta. A great store (while overpriced) that somehow merges antiques and Longchamp purses.

And even though Domino's blog claims that antlers are over, the August 2008 issue shows the small antlers on plaques. This is at Thom Filicia's cottage (loved him in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, love him even more now). So again, in the right context these antlers are so perfect.

Also in Alice Turner's farmhouse from the August Domino. Very different look.

You can always find a ridiculous deal on eBay and the Black Forest Antlers (as they are most often referred to) are no exception. $95! for 4!

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