Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lamenting the loss of my Lapis Necklace

Today I remembered my lapis necklace that I made and then subsequently lost about 3 years ago. I'm still not over it. Here are some replacement ideas that I love (almost) as much.

This is a beautiful option by Marc Jacobs at Saks. For work and play.

And lapis cuff links too... by Forzieri. Handsome with a nice white shirt.

Love these earrings. The opaque quality of lapis is a needed twist on the chandelier earring.

Sweet little studs from Tiffany's.

And my personal favorite, this Marnie Rocks necklace.

And my favorite that isn't for sale... is this lapis elephant I found on Wikipedia. Not sure where to buy it. It's not cited. Damn that Wikipedia "commons."


mcl said...

Last night Kate was wearing a lapis and gold ring from J Crew that you would like.

Anna said...

My friend Molly says the Lapis elephants are available everywhere in Argentina. Luckily, she is going and if I'm good will bring me one home!